The login for the New Jersey Servicing Center has been moved.

If you started the loan process online, you can use the email and password that we already have on file; if you are a new user, you will need to confirm information before you can access the Dashboard page.

Note: The payment area is located in the new tab "Payments" on the Dashboard page.

To access the new Payments area – step by step

Login to the E-Mortgage site:

After login it will redirect to the next page:

Clicking “NO” button will redirect to start a new process

Clicking “Yes” button will open a form to fill and confirm the required data

Click “Find Loan” to show the loan

Click the “Dashboard” button to be redirected

The tab “Payments” will be active.

If all the information with the loan is correct, an authentication button will be generated.

Clicking on the “Loan Payment & Information” button will open a new window.

Note: After this process, when the user logs back into the E-Mortgage site, they will be redirected to the Dashboard page automatically.